Treecycling is part of the I Wood International Family

Profile Lumber is the key

Several years ago, Christopher R. Scott realized that lumber could be milled in a much better way. His inspiration came from analyzing the design of the Sopworth Camel WWI airplane. Chris noted that the main strut of the airplane had a groove in it which made it strong but light and that without the groove it would be too heavy to fly. Realizing the same thing could be done with wood used for building homes the I Wood technology was born.

 Our Vision

To satisfy basic housing needs around the planet while sustaining the environment for future generations.

Our Mission

In collaboration with non-governmental organizations (NGOs), international aid agencies, micro-finance groups and other social enterprises,  I Wood International utilizes innovative technology to provide affordable, ecologically-sound homes and emergency shelters.

Our Method

Our method is to promote and continue to develop simple ways of milling lumber so homes can snap together, much like Ikea furniture does.
We expect to be offering licensing of our method early in 2018.
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