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When someone is shipwrecked, the whole world worries about them. If someone is drowned, the tragedy makes the front page. Expensive searches for people missing in or over the oceans are almost without limit, with millions invested to find out what caused tragic incidences, or to recover the bodies of the deceased.

The catastrophes that lead to homelessness—job loss, injury or accident, emergency medical bills—lead to no similar reaction, nor verbal images. Instead a homeless person is too often a derogatory label, an embarrassment, and the services to save them are starved for resources and coordination to tackle the kind of problems that “Homewrecked” people face.

The Treecycling group is focused on providing a kind of “lifeboat” for “Homewrecked” people, to help them in their immediate predicament, so that they can build a larger “boat” to continue their journey until they can finally settle down in a home of their own.

The Treecycling concept starts with the idea that that first piece of wood a person, expecting to drown at any moment, becomes the start of his or her Paddle towards life, shelter, community building, work, personal reliance and the feeling of being a valuable member of society.

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