What is I Wood?  Easier, Smarter, Greener Lumber

I Wood is a new standard for lumber building materials, proposing an innovative system where lumber is profiled in various shapes to become the components of easily assembled framing kits. From home building to furniture making to disaster response, the benefits of interlocking notches can be applied to a broad range of uses with a simplified, rapid and low-cost approach to wood construction. 

Combining a smarter design of wood materials with an IKEA-style ease of assembly. I Wood kits require very little skills, tools, time and energy.

The Innovations of I Wood  
Shapes and Notches
A new standard for smarter lumber

I Wood lumber is profiled in various shapes to become interlocking components of easily assembled framing kits. Flexible design can create I Wood kits for home frames, furniture, finishing, and more.
Quick Assembly
With minimal tools and skills

Imagine framing a tiny home from a flat-pack kit transported in a pickup truck, then brought to a job site to be assembled by unskilled workers using a bare minimum of tools... often in less than a day!
Zero-waste framing with eco-lumber

I Wood profiled lumber is eco-friendlier than conventional lumber. Reducing deforestation and energy need, showing a smaller carbon footprint and zero-waste construction, I Wood promotes a greener planet.
From Your Workshop
Get Licensed for DIY Manufacturing

I Wood kit components can be manufactured in small-scale workshops. A licensing program is in the works, for allowing woodworkers to create, manufacture, sell and improve I Wood products and kits.
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