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Flexible Home Design

The flexibility of home design is a major improvement on current building practices. I Wood can allow low-income families to own a small starter home, which can be expanded as needs and finances dictate. I Wood structures can be added to create extra rooms, a longer house or a guest cottage. Promoting a sustainable material supply, their home can be upgraded with local materials, readily available in their natural environment or hardware store. I Wood shapes also makes recycling lumber from old houses much more practical, while allowing to easily recycle leftover wood from nearby construction sites.

It is well worth noting how simplified is the process of installing electric wiring, plumbing and other services as well.

Decisions regarding insulation can be customized to the local climate, and adjusted to seasonal changes.

The I Wood profiled lumber offers houses that are more energy-efficient, with better insulation. The I Wood shape results in walls which are approximately 7% more energy-efficient than conventional walls, because heat loss is reduced through the wood frame.

For the nomadic types or for families who don't own land property, an interesting benefit of I Wood structures is their ease of disassembly. As rapidly as a home can be built, it can rapidly be deconstructed, re-packaged in a kit to be transported to greener pastures... and re-built again!

I Wood shapes and building systems can be standardized around the globe to suit local building codes and design preferences.

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