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Foolproof simplicity

By providing these components as ready-made kits, an I Wood home frame or furniture can be assembled very quickly by few unskilled individuals. It requires simple hand tools, so that anybody who can read the simple instructions can assemble an I Wood product rapidly, with minimal effort.

The founder of Treecycling and inventor of I Wood, Christopher Scott, launched the first IKEA store in North America and noticed how regular consumers are keen on building their own furniture. People adopted the IKEA model in which simple tools and instructions allows them to save on manufacturing costs.

Transposing the same mentality to his I Wood system, it became possible to offer an easily assembled frame packaged in a kit, to be put up in a single day. Components are pre-cut with total accuracy according to standardized interlocking shapes, so that the end product is accessible to customers of various skill levels.

Another purpose of simplified building kits is to encourage customization by experienced builders, who get an intuitive understanding of the interlocking notches. The instructions often become broad guidelines, within which builders easily modify and re-arrange elements of the building to better suit their needs. Adding a window or an extra door is naturally easy because these guidelines leave enough space for innovation and experimentation.

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