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Housing power to the people

Manufacturing I Wood components is giving the power back to the people! To produce the more common shapes, only two router blades are necessary, which enables small-scale woodworkers to become licensed I Wood manufacturers. They can empower their communities with the economic benefits of locally-made housing, furniture, products and employment.

By sourcing wood sustainably in their immediate environment, local woodworkers become capable of helping their communities develop housing, building and production independently by hiring local people. For communities located in areas that are remote, disaster-prone or part of an economically depressed region, complete self-reliance is an incalculable benefit.

The economic advantages can be increased if a skilled workforce may be hired to manufacture I Wood kits for resale, and there are many more intangible economical benefits when groups of villagers collaborate together in providing labor and materials to various “barn-raising” types of project, dramatically reducing the costs.

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