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How to develop an I Wood product

The versatility of I Wood profile lumber is a source of innovation and plentiful experiments by beginner and experienced woodworkers. The interlocking notches and the flexible building system are inspiring many craftspeople to create new products, new furniture, new construction structures and new objects. To stoke the fire of your creativity, here are a few suggested steps to invent new I Wood products in the comfort of your wood workshop:

1) Imagine a useful product, something that yourself or other people might need. Having an element of furniture that customers assemble themselves is often a nice conversation starter. Draw your basic idea, and let it become as useful and practical as it might, then arrange its style to give it a pleasant visual appearance.

2) Determine where the joints and corners would be, by re-drawing your basic plan in a structural mindset. Knowing exactly where fastening would be needed at the joints, and how corners meet, is the backbone of designing the assembly process.

3) Choose the right I Wood shape for each component of your product - first consider the functionality, then match shapes that are easy to interlock or interconnect. Finally, whenever possible, you can select the I Wood shapes that give the best look to your creation.

4) Reverse-engineer your plan of a completed product into a kit that can be assembled easily by anybody. When your plan seems complete, list and re-draw each component separately. Then make a bullet-point list of the steps required to assemble your product. At this point, it is important to simplify the process by re-working any assembly steps that might create confusion, take time or seem complicated.

Having a good-looking, useful, functional product that anybody could assemble at hime is a great contribution to innovation!

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