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Oh, what I Wood do!

For the creative carpenters or hobby builders, the extraordinary versatility of I Wood's shapes can stretch their imagination to unlimited I Wood product ideas. There are endless possibilities to improve an existing home kit with ingenuity and good taste. A creative use of I Wood building materials can develop interior ornaments, intelligent furniture, yard and garden facilities, towards a sustainable off-grid lifestyle... or a more elegant urban setting.

Any licensed woodworker adopting the I Wood interlocking shapes as basic material opens up an infinite corridor of possilities, ranging from home building to toy making, from heavy furniture to miniature models. As the I Wood shapes can be milled in various thicknesses, the only limit to the development of new I Wood products is the woodworker's imagination.

Interlocking components confers optimal stability and solidity to square, rectangular, hexagonal or octogonal objects, and takes on the IKEA concept of easily disassembled inventions that can be moved around the room, or transported away in a flat pack.

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