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Energy-efficient lumber

Updated: Jan 12, 2019

The lighter, more compact building materials offer a multitude of opportunities to lower the total cost of a construction project. The components themselves require less trees being cut, reducing their price tag. Pre-cut kits are shipped in more compact packaging: I Wood lumber ships cheaply and more easily, takes 30% less floor space and stacks more safely because of its interlocking nature. As a result of lower weight and volume, transportation savings of 30% are experienced right through the distribution chain.

Since the beginning of the new millenium, great efforts are geared toward energy conservation and the promotion of renewable energy sources. I-Wood supports this mentality on many fronts, offering new possibilities in regards to efficient energy requirements.

The manufacturing of I-Wood components can be done in a small wood workshop, requiring only some specialized equipment consuming a minimal amount of electric power, compared to large-scale lumber factories. At the other end of I-Wood's product journey, the building crew can put up an I-Wood structure in a brief time, using only a few hand tools, which dramatically reduces any electric consumption on the job site.

The workshop is often situated locally, so that very little fuel is needed to ship I-Wood kits to its destination. Because of its compact stacking and lower weight, an I-Wood product reduces the fuel costs even further, when accounting transportation fees for delivery. I-Wood kits can be transported in smaller trucks, for shorter distances, accumulating a substantial amount of fuel savings at the end of the day.

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